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    Linux with old monitor


    I have a old computer with a even older monitor. When I finished installing windows I had to use another more recent monitor to go put:
    Display/Advanced/Adaptar/list All modes/ 640x480, True Color 32 vit, 60 Hertz.
    On monitor Tab there is "screen refresh rate" = 60.
    And on Display properties: 640 x 480.

    Then I change back to the old monitor, and all works great.

    When I installed linux (Suse 10), I had to put the recent monitor since setup wasn't displaying well and I'm too newbie for a text-based installation.

    I've messed so much with yast (putting refresh rate to 60, changing resolution) and with xorg.conf, that the old monitor still don't work under linux, and the new one stop to work too.

    I don't know the specs of the monitor, other that it is very old. 15 inches probably.

    The only thing I know is what I make in windows in order to work. But I don't know if 60 is vertical or horizontal refresh rate.
    If it's vertical, what is the horizontal then?

    How can I configure SUSE to use this monitor?

    Thanks beforehand,
    Pedro Vaz

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    try booting to failsafe,login as root. at the prompt, type sax2 -m 0=vesa & press enter,then at the prompt type reboot & press enter. that should give you basic graphics, so that you can get in to your normal login. from there you can go to yast & configure your monitor

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