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    Smile Asus Pundit-AE3 Linux experiences?

    I was just curious if anyone has any experience (good, bad, or indifferent) with running Linux, in particular SuSE, on an Asus PUNDIT-AE3 Athlon 64 box with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Processor Socket 754 cpu chip?

    I was just thinking about this as a possible Linux workstation from which to do programming on, most likely PHP/MySQL type programming.


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    I've put Debian Sarge on it and it all went well apart from the onboard NIC, which is an SiS190 and is not yet supported. There are reports of ppl compiling a driver for this out of some 2.6.5 code (hacked out of the RTL8139 I believe but subsequently removed for being a bit sketchy) but while it works on one guy's fedora it doesn't on next guy's gentoo. I just put an e100 in it... we needed a box that was small and the AE3 was in stock locally. You can shoehorn linux into anything these days.

    Also Debian Sarge installer needed to boot the 2.6 kernel and with APIC disabled with boot options 'linux26 noapic'.

    Apart from that it's a nice little box. It's got some SATA and these crazy rubberised screws for damping HD vibration. There's only one COM port but there are pads for another. You can desolder the pads and fit a header and, if you're not arsed about the serial voltage, solder across the charge pump pads and if you are you can fit another charge pump. I'm not. It's quite quiet too: idling with gnome running, the fan actually switches off for reasonable periods - I'm using a Sempron something-or-other with not many GHz.

    Oh, you want to watch out for expansion cards though. The case doesn't fit full-height cards so you have to take the mounting bracket off (assuming the card's narrow enough). This means you might have trouble with wizzy graphics cards and your airflow is all messed up because of the hole in the back.

    Once SiS190 support is out this unit will be pretty cool I reckon. I haven't got time to fart around with sis190.c but if you're game it looks feasible.

    Have fun...

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