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    Permissions & thttpd Server

    Hope someone can help with this problem. Firstly a little background to the setup.

    I'm running thttpd on a NAS drive (Buffalo Linkstation). I have a small website running on this which works well. I have recently purchased a Philips Streamium MCi-250 which allows streaming of music wirelessly via my home network. I have found a script which works well with the Linkstation and utilises the thttpd server to stream the music. The problem I have is setting the permissions so that the music files are accessible over the web. The music has already been transferred to the Linkstation using windows, hence the permissions problems.

    When trying to access a track, I get a 403 Forbidden error. I then figured out that it was the linux permissions which were wrong. The problem is changing the permissions for all the tracks and directories. I have discovered that the directories (Artist Name & Album Name) need different permissions to the actual tracks within these folders. The permissions for the directories, to make them accessible, appear to be:


    This is achieved using chmod 777. However the permissions for the individual tracks are:


    This is achieved using chmod 666. The problem is I have a large music collection with many directories and sub directories. How do I change the permissions easily to the above so they are accessible over the web? Is there another way round this.

    Thanks for any help you can provide as I'm tearing my hair out over this!

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    chmod -R 777 /folder/* should recursively go through all the directories in /folder and give all folders and files rwx permissions for all users.

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    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I don't need to make the files executable by all groups, just the directories and sub directories of /Music. I need to make the files within the directories read and write ONLY by all groups. The recursive command (-R) will give the same permissions to both files and directories. I need to give different permissions to the directories and files within. Is there an way to do this?

    Sorry if this is an obvious query but I'm new to Linux.

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    Problem solved!

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    How did you solve it? What command did you use to make changes only the files (or only the directories)?

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