Hi - This refers to this thread
Owing to a bug in vBulletin I've had to re-post for obvious reasons. I fixed the problem I had with using CUPS to print to my Canon S500. The answer is a little embarassing, but here goes ...

The problem appeared to occur shortly after I upgraded Mandriva 2005 LE to Mandriva 2006. Previously I could print with no problems (the ink was a bit light coloured but I don't print much so I'm not worried).

Actually all I did was buy a new parallel port cable and that sorted this one out. Not sure why my old cable packed in. It worked fine before and I'd already tried pushing it further in etc. (loose connections can be an obvious but easily overlooked problem!)

So there you have it. CUPS is great for printing and it more than serves my needs for my desktop PC. I found that it's easiest to set a printer up using the KDE print manager rather than Mandriva's bespoke front end. The Canon only cost me £35 and will accept a USB connection as well.

<edit> I got quite interested in my little printer problem because of the way it made my mind work. Because I upgraded from Mandriva 2005 to 2006 I assumed that this was why my printer had stopped working. In fact .... nothing to do with it. So everything I did was based on that assumption. Is this some kind of logical fallacy?