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Thread: Netgear SC101

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    Netgear SC101

    Does anyone know if these work with linux?

    I know its abit of a dumb question, but ive read lots of 'no linux driver' type reviews, but surley if its network storage it will be running smb or whatever, so linux will be able to mount it?

    Is it just the setup that you need m$ for? Cause I have it on my laptop, could I just configure (or whatever) through this, then put it on the network?



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    SC101 Netgear Storage Central

    I just bought one because I also have a windows machine and my wife keeps lots of photos, etc (she's an archivist). What I did was create a new folder on the SC101 and shared that folder in windows. Then I went to linux and smbmounted the shared folder. (Actually, I cheated a little and used smb4k.) That seemed to work fine. Even plays my MP3s.

    Hope this helps.


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    lol, cool. I thought they were just too ugly and ended up making a mini file server out of a shuttle

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    Netgear SC101 - A black spot to Linux

    Netgear has done a wonderful job of supporting Linux - Most of the time. Unfortunately, the SC-101 Storage device is not one of those cases.

    The protocol between the Windows PC and the SC-101 appears to based on industry standard SAN protocols, however, there see to be proprietary elements which make it impossible to use it with Linux.

    Netgear has introduced a new product which uses industry standard iSCSI and 1 Gb/sec ethernet connections, and DOES support Linux. Unfortunately, these have not been released to retailers. Appearantly, Netgear has a surplus of SC-101 devices which they want to sell before releasing the new device?

    Perhaps one of the reasons they have trouble selling the SC-101 - is because they screwed up completely on Linux support.

    Perhaps Netgear will release a GPL firmware package which would allow the Linux community to create SC-101 interfaces that work with Linux.

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