I've been having trouble with a SCSI controller that I've added to replace an older model of the same brand, adaptec aic7899. Te new card is a aic7902 but it's cause me no end of problems.

One of the things is that in some configurations it seems to get far in the boot sequence but then hangs with the following as the last displayed on screen:
DevQ(0:0:0): 0 waiting
DevQ(0:2:0): 0 waiting
DevQ(0:3:0): 0 waiting
DevQ(0:6:0): 0 waiting
DevQ(0:8:0): 0 waiting
DevQ(0:9:0): 0 waiting
(scsi2:A:0:0): Device is disconnected, re-queuing SCB
scsi2: ILLEGAL_PHASE 0x80
Recovery code sleeping
scsi2:A:0:0: Attempt to issue message failed
Recovery SCB completes
Recovery code awake
Does anybody understand this scsi speak? Why is it hanging?

Removing 1 of the 2 cables allowed it to boot, but both together hung it. After pulling one out putting one back, pulling a different one out, putting both back etc etc I left both in a it booted, despite not booting before with both scsi cables going to the same controller ports in an unchanged configuration! frustrating.