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    problem in connecting a EXternal Modem

    hello guys ..
    i am just a beginner of the linux and just trying to know about the commands and other things..

    now the problem is that

    i have a modem which i have connected with the linux through PPP Dialer using the linuxconf but it does not get connected to the internet
    the messages all i get is that "the line is busy "

    but the same works with windows 98 and more details about the modem are
    DATA/FAX/VOICE modem
    model is DFM 560 E

    i have configured it Linux as default modem
    connected to port /dev/ttyS1 (its equivalent in windows is COM2 port)

    and when i tried to debug it thru the PPP Dialer
    it gave me codes saying "configuring modem...
    ................ and some stuff and finally saying the line is busy"

    and i can also hear the normal sounds when the modem gets connected

    that is...
    please any one try to help me and bare with me if any spelling mistakes

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    Ive tried to Google this and I found a bunch of people asking about this with the same problem, the only solution I found is this:

    through wvdialconf try to find on which port you have

    i think there is a strign that u need to pass ATX3 ,
    so just check your wvdial.conf file and add this
    string ATX3. then it should work.
    Or in kppp there is an option wherein you can say ,
    don't wait for dialtone.

    Enjoy surfing.

    --- koushik lahiri <> wrote:
    > i am install pcqredhat linux 8.0 but problem is in
    > my external modem not fount by os i run kudzu bot
    > nothing happened. kppp can't found modem when i
    > point out ttys0 (com1) it say modem busy & wvdial
    > say no dial tone ( I am use dfm 560 e d-link modem)
    > plz help me how i dial to internat through a any
    > external modem OR my d-link modem
    > koushik
    > thanks
    > e mail =

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