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    install first the OS and then add a hardware RAID controller?

    Hello guys,

    I am waiting for a couple of SATA RAID controllers in order to setup a few servers and was wondering if it is possible to install first the OS on a single SATA drive and then add one more including the first one to the SATA RAID and build the array.

    Is there a chance to do that while I will be waiting the controllers to be shipped?

    OS will be CentOS.


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    As long ass installing the raid controller doesn't change the device names (eg /dev/sda1 etc) then i (personally) cannot see why this would not work. Simply adding new devices works fine, but i know you wont be simply adding new devices. I believe raid devices show in a slightly different location to the standard SATA drives. (Someone feel free to prove me wrong)

    Personally i would rather wait until i have all the kit (it's only going to be a few days surely?) And then install after that.
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    Im not 100% sure with this one. As the distro on sda1 will need to know about the array, so it will boot differently.
    I would wait..

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    Thanks for the replies guys.
    I had a lot of problems with shipping and I am waiting these controllers for over 15 days so far. I need to setup these machines asap.

    I will install the OS and then make an image of them. Then as soon as I will add the raid controller I will restore the OS via the image software (ghost).
    Hopefully it will work fine


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    Good luck, sorry to hear bout the shipping etc!
    I would maybe google for ghost and linux, just to check nothing blows up

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