i recently bought a comstar fast ethernet pci network interface card. the original pci card was hooked to the motherboard and the mac address was cloned by the previous owners router. So I bought a new card and disabled the old one through BIOS. Now I cannot get this card configured and installed. I am using Redhat linux 7.3 and do not have a Microsoft OS as an alternate. I have borrowed a laptop from work to try and get online

The kernel supported is 2.2x and 2.4x and I have

The instructions for the installation of the PCI card are as follows: (I logged into root and opened terminal to execute these commands)

1. Create a temporary directory:
mkdir /temp

2. Change to the temporary directory:
cd /temp

3. Copy driver (rhinefet.tgz) from the DOS disk
I dragged and dropped this file using the nautilus file manager

4. untar the archive file:
tar xzvf rhinefet.tgz
cd rhinefet

5. Compile the driver source files and it will generate rhinefet.o and copy it to correct driver installation path (the installation directory is differen in different kernel versions. In 2.4.x kernel, the path is /lib/modules/KERNEL_VERSION/kernel/drivers/net/

6. Check configuration file (/etc/modules.conf or /etc/conf.modules depending on your Linux distribution) for loading kernel modules. Make sure there is the following content in the configuration file, where # is alias eth# rhinefet

7. Reboot now:
shutdown -r now

8. Install your driver module
insmod rhinefet

9. Us ifconfig command to assign the IP address where # is nework interface number:
ifconfig eth# <IP>

10. Check interface works:
ping <remote_host_IP>

So those are the instructions but I cannot get past number 5. I don't understand what compile the driver source files means and I don't get the rhinefet.o file.

Please help I want to get the internet hooked up at my home.