I searched a lot for the modem driver and i got some driver but it is for 2.4.x kernerl RHEL 4 has 2.6.9 kernel. so i failed to install the modem driver.
my MODEM is
HSP56 PCTel 789 micromodem

this modem is listed on the list of the compatibe hardware supported by 2.6.x kernel but it doesnt detect my modem.

I tried downloading this all driver at http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/pctel-linux/

I cant understand the using of script telling in this site http://www.linux.com/howtos/PCTel-Mi...appendix.shtml

can u please find my modem driver for me.... COz ur the export on RHEL and knows several sites where u can help me ...

waiting the HSP56 PCTel 789 micromodem modem driver.