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    Email To Fax.... Well To Printer


    I can bet that many of you readers will try out this tip atleast for once. Here we go:

    I work at an ISP here in Pakistan with 4 more shift engineers. We have offices in three different locations and, although email and talk are used very frequently, we sometime require ABSOLUTELY IMMEDIATE responce from the other office. Emails remain unchecked and talk request are sometimes ignored because the other party might be busy doing something else on a talk-disabled terminal. Well, you cannot ignore a Panasonic Dotmatrix printer printing out messages in your control center!

    One of my so-to-say boss talked of having a utility which will poll a POP3 mailbox every few seconds and printing out any mail that might be in the box. He, being a visual basic guru, started writing a windows based application that would do the required. I, being a die hard Linux creature, started thinking how I can do the same on my dear Linux box. Well, it took me a day to ponder on this issue and when I clicked, it was just a breeze! Sixteen key strokes and I was ready with my system. I yelled 'Windoz Suxs, Linux Rules'!

    I edited the /etc/aliases file and keyed in the following line:

    urgent: "| lpr"

    saved, the file and did a 'newaliases' and bingo! Any mail sent to was immediately printed on the screaming dot matrix printer. My boss was duly stunned!
    (Note: You must have your 'lpr' command working before you can go ahead with this tip.)

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    Admittedly, I was going to suggest a procmail recipe, but I guess that works just as well. Such is the power of UNIX. =)

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