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    USB Stick question

    Hopefully this is the right section to post this in.

    I just bought a 1GB usb stick. I want to partition it so that half of it uses the normal usb stick filesystem that windows can understand, whatever that is, and I want the other half to have DSL or a similar distro that I can boot inside windows using qemu or something similar. If possible, I also want to be able to read the windows partition of the usb stick in DSL, and if possible, though it's not absolutely necessary, I want DSL to be bootable straight off the stick without windows. I haven't even figured out how to partition the stick yet, so any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: Oh, and if it's any help, the computer I'm currently using is running Fedora Core 4.

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    Just mount it on Fedora Core 4 or Gparted livecd or something like that and partition it how you would any other drive, and then you can read the FAT32 filesystem from both Windows and Linux, so maybe you could use that. Also, there are many tutorials on booting from usb drive, so you wouldn't need Windows to boot DSL. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks, however the main reason I want it to be usable inside windows is that all the computers at my school run windows and I don't want to have to reboot to use linux. I can partition the stick and stuff, but I haven't really figured out how to make the ISO of slax (which I decided to use instead of DSL) into a .img that qemu can use. In fact, I'm kind of confused by qemu in general. Also, for whatever retarded reason windows only recognizes the first partition, even though linux can see them both fine.

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    You don't need to make the iso into a .img, slax is live and runs straight from the iso, whereas the img would be a harddrive image. Use the following command for qemu -

    qemu -boot d -cdrom slax.iso
    If you wanted a normal boot from the USB stick that you could use, there is an installer inside of the slax live environment to facilitate this.

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    I had to make a 1mb img to get qemu to recognize it, and I seem to be making progress. It gets to slax's boot screen, and lets me enter boot options, but whenever I try to boot it either stops responding completely, exits itself, or exits itself with windows's annoying "something bad happened" error message. I did get it to work once, but the x window system went so incredibly slow I decided I wanted to use copy2ram, but I couldn't get it to boot again.

    Edit: I kept trying and it eventually did work, though I don't want to have to try a hundred times to get slax to boot. Also, how do I mount each of the stick's partitions in slax? Windows recognizes the stick as soon as I put it in, but slax doesn't seem to notice it at all.

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