I have a problem.. (I'm a Linux-newbie)
In Windows XP, I can press Ctrl (left) + Alt (left) + 2 to get "@", and Ctrl (left) + Alt (left) + 8 to get "[" etc.

In GNU/Linux, I must press Alt Gr + 2 to get "@" and Alt Gr + 8 to get "[" etc.
I think that is bad, because I like to use the left Alt + left Ctrl to get these chars when I'm coding PHP etc, instead of using Alt Gr.

I'm using a Norwegian keyboard (no), and Ubuntu 6.06 Drapper Drake LTS.
I have heard that I can use "xmodmap", but I don't know how to change the keys and things.

It would be cool if someone could post the whole "xmodmap" code, to change these keys (get Control_L and Alt_R (when both is pressed) to act like Alt_R (Alt Gr)).


Sorry if I did post this in the wrong subforum, I was unsure about which subforum to post in.