Im in the process of building my new server that Ill put up on my incoming 100/100 connection and I find it hard to choose hardware for it especially with the new AM2 processors & motherboards on the market.

At the moment, I cant decide if I should go ahead and buy AMD x2 4000+ (AM2) or 3800+(S393) - The decision isnt about the L2 cache size difference its about the sockets and the ddr ram.

Im not sure which way to go here, DDR & s939 or DDR2 & AM2.

I need a mobo that has atleast one IDE controller (2 would be better) and S-ATA ofcourse. Gigabit ethernet (for local traffic) and my 3com 10/100 for the internet part (its going to work as a router as well).
Also, preferabbly the mobo should have inbuilt video (if not, do you think my old 512kb PCI graphiccard works on this new rig? its running today on an old 450 P2)

Anyways, what do you guys reccomend AM2 or S939 ? Id be quite happy if the integrated video/gigabitnetwork card works under linux for the AM2.