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    display sync problem?

    I'm a total newbie and hope someone can help out. Just installed SUSE 10.1 with Matrox G400 dualhead card and a Proview PRO-730 17" CRT monitor. I have been unable to set the display at anything above 640x480 without getting a distorted image (bowed out at sides, squished vertically). Have tried VESA monitor option at several sizes and refresh rates plus several Proview monitors (mine is not listed). I have also adjusted the min/max frequencies. Any ideas?


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    Talking Got it!

    Figured it out. I found a video timing calculator that outputs a variable string that can be entered into the xf86config file. The calculator is at:

    My monitor would display correctly in Win98SE when set at 800x600 with a vert refresh of 85 Hz, so I plugged those numbers into the calculator.

    It output (for 800x600, 85 Hz) the following string:

    Modeline "800x600" 56.25 800 832 896 1048 600 601 604 631 +hsync +vsync

    I just edited one of the 800x600 lines in xf86config with Kwrite, but left out the +hsync and +vsync because none of the other lines had them. They are sync pulse polarity identifiers and may be set as "+" by default. I also set the monitor to "VESA" and tweaked the sync rate values so that 85 Hz vert and 56.25 Khz were available by using the normal utility.
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