I'm having serial port problems with a few Dell Precision 650 using red hat 9.0, E7505 chipset .

When I power the system down overnight and completely remove power, the serial port fails when I start the application in the morning. If the system is powered down but not unplugged the serial port does not fail.

If I look at /proc/tty/driver/serial the tx:43 rx:2 RTS|DTR when I launch the application when it fails, compared to a working workstation tx:15 rx:32 RTS|CTS|DTR|DTS

If the application is restarted over and over again, the serial port will eventually work and will not fail again until completely powered off. At this point Iím thinking it might be a mis-set interrupt and it's working via the slow polling method.

Any help here would be great, thanks.