i have a trouble with my AL-CX11 scanner, i cant seem to work this scanner in linux.
im working in a linux kernel 2.6.15
lsusb,sane-find-scanner already can detect the device correctly but
in scanimage -L it sometimes detects the scanner and sometimes not

during times that the scanner is detected in scanimage -L and
I issue the command "scanimage > file.ppm" it freezes up for a while and displays
sane_star: end of file reached but the scanner doesnt scanned anything and when i try scanimage -L again the scanner is not found.

what else should i do?
what steps am i lacking?
what i did was to just install sane and edit epkowa.conf and epson.conf

some tutorials told me to edit usb/scanner.c but i cant seem to find this file from the source

its been 3 days since i keep researching this

PS. I dont use any UI since my linux doesnt have one