Becouse my mainbord don't support hardisk whose storage is more than 137G, and i can't find new bios that support my MB, so i install DDO before i install Windows XP on this new hardisk. I load windows xp install CD after DDO start (i insert the xp install cd after the seagate logo splash on the screen) and then boot from the windows install disk. Windows can recognize all the partition that i parted by seagate disk wizard. but when i install ubuntu Linux 6.06(kernel 2.6.15) in the same way, it can't recognize the patition that i parted by seagate disk wizard. it only recognize two partition, one is a 8.1G and the other is 141G. i also try other Linux distrobution install disk( SuSE 10.0 and redhat AS 3), but get the same resule. how to let Linux recognize the partition that i parted with seagate disk wizad during the installation? Thank you very much.