Hello there
I've got Ubuntu Dapper Drake (6.06) installed on a normal PATA disk (/dev/hda2). I also have 2 SATA drives accessed by a SilRaid-Controller (Hardware-RAID deactivated because it's just a Fake-Software-RAID), which i wanted to use for a RAID-0 array.
They are /dev/sda and /dev/sdb
I don't have any other SATA-drives or SATA-controllers.
I set them up with mdadm (had to load module md first and set it to autoload at boot, also had to create a /dev/md0 device). Formatted em with ReiserFS, worked fine so far. So i set them up in fstab to mount into the /home directory for me to use as a fast disk to keep my files, copied the home onto the array and deleted the old one in /home
Tried to reboot. Well, looks like the array refuses to mount and mdadm says it doesn't have anything in it's config files (it worked before reboot!)
So i tried the --assemble command to look if i could get the bugger going again. No, he can't do it, Error opening device /dev/sda1: No such file or directory he says. Huh?
Now I'm feeling kinda stupid for deleting my home and not being able to mount the array (which isn't a array anymore because mdadm won't work) :s
Why is /dev/sda non-existant to mdadm? The block-device is there, I checked it in mc. I also can access sda/sdb with hdparm, that's not the issue. mdadm refuses to see my 2 SATA disks, but can see my PATA disk just fine. Both SATA drives are definately NOT mounted and therefore should be usable.
Whats the matter? What information do you need? How to fix this?
Help is appreciated, because I need my home back so I don't have to use Windoze anymore :/