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Thread: Wake on LAN

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    Wake on LAN

    Anyone had experience with this? I have a ECS K7S5A M/b. With onboard LAN. It has a WOL connector on the board (nowhere near the LAN port) This is used for PCI NIC's though. Will WOL just work If so, how?!

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    I have an A-Bit mobo with onboard ethernet (via-rhine).
    In the BIOS I enabled WOL, the 'link' light on the mobo and on the ethernet hub should stay on when the PC is shut down.
    I use the 'etherwake' package on a remote machine 'etherwake 00:50:8dxxx'.
    Find your MAC (hardware) address with 'ifconfig eth0' and use it in the above example.

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    OK! I have enabled Wake on lan in the BIOS But when i turn my computer off, the light on the Switch doesn't stay on, so i assume i can't do this?
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    I think your assessment is correct.
    I have a second PC that has a PCI NIC with a three wire conductor between the card and the motherboard. I enable WOL in the BIOS, the light on the back of the card is off when I shut the PC down. It doesn't wake when commanded. I assume that the BIOS is capable but the motherboard doesn't support WOL ???
    Yours is probably a similar situation, even if it is an onboard NIC.[/quote]

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    WOL is a great concept but I've only experenced issues with it not only not working properly but creating more problems with other equipment and the data it carries.

    It may work great with certain mfg's or if all semi-new. My WAN is a mix of 5 yr plus year old PC's with brand new PC's and from various mfg's. The resolution was simply to disable WOL on every device where it existed.

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    WOL - PC must be in stand-by

    Your PC cannot be shutdown for WOL to work. It must be in stand-by mode

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