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Thread: APM stability

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    APM stability

    It seems that 1/25 times i go down with apm, my system locks up when it comes back up. Anyone else ever seen this behavior? Is it a problem with my setup, or just a a problem iwth the apm standard?

    I do need apm, this machine being a laptop of course.

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    How old is the laptop? If it isnt that old your should really use ACPI what distro are you using?

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    is it necessary to enable acpi/apm in order to use powernow ?
    Have a nice day

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    IIRC Powernow is AMD's Speedstep you should not use both APM and ACPI use one or the other. No you do not need ACPI just the options below.
    CPU Frequency scaling  ---> 
    [*] CPU Frequency scaling
    [*]   CPU frequency table helpers (NEW)
    [*] AMD Mobile Athlon/Duron PowerNow!
    I also use speedfeq to control my proccessor's frequency you can set it to dynamic so you have the juice when needed

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    Question: Is there a conclusive list that can tell me if my laptop has ACPI. I have wondered for a while, but dell is no help in that respect (At least their tech specs page).

    I seem to remember seeing it on a forum at one point, but... not quite sure.

    I suppose i could take the time and just recompile to figure it out. But i prefer to research first.

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    I am running Fedora on my Dell Inspiron 2500 and using acpi=on in my kernel arguement works fine. What I did was copied the lines in grub.conf so that I had two versions of the Fedora boot part. Then I put the acpi=on on one, but not the other so that if it didn't work, I could choose the other. Obviously I could also just edit what's sent to the kernel but it is easier the other way.

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