Hey, Gang,

Found posts on printers and cameras, but didn't see one on HDDs. I'm trying to become familiar with Linux forensics stuff, and don't have a box yet, only a laptop with usb. RHFC 1 seems to pick up my USB ports, want to know how I can go about viewing a desktop HDD using Fastbloc (that's an Encase peripheral that lets you view desktop and laptop HDD, scsi, juat about anything with an auto write block on it) via one of my USB. I tried doing this

logging in as root, creating a directory under /mnt. Then using the command mount -o r -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/some_directory

I was trying to mount the HDD as read only. But how can I find the name of my USB. I mean, I went to the hardware browser and everything. I even tried /proc/bus/usb.

Thanks in advance.