Hi all,

I have recently switched from Socket 939 to Socket AM2. I bought the Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe, with NForce 570SLI chipset. My sound is onboard. 7.1 Azalia ( high defenition audio ). I'm using SuSe 10.1 DVD version. The free one! Everything works, no problems though I had expected some since it was my believe that AM2 came out earlier then AM2 and I feared it might not support it. But it does.

Now my problem is that when I start my computer and sound works well from the boxes. But when I plugin my headset, in the front panel not the back where my boxes are in. I get no sound, I have to restart my computer before it works!

I would like to know what service or device I should start to get the headset working without restarting the computer.

Thanks in advance!