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    how much ram: small server?


    i'm ordering a mini-itx motherboard tomorrow,
    a via embedded board with C3 1ghz and dual lan.
    Why? -> need silent pc, low power, allways-on server.

    I will install linux, still doubting which distro.. redhat, suse, slack, mandrake, debian... i dunno any suggestions hehe.

    this will be the use: apache, ftp-server, mysql, php, samba file server,
    mail server, and a few i am forgetting I will not "work" on the pc actively,
    when it's configured and running, it will sit there and do its tasks.
    Note: internal use: 2 users, external (apache, ftp..) just 1 small website
    that doesnt have really alot of visitors. So full proc load won't even be reached
    i guess. think small

    Now my main question: how much ram should i buy to always have things
    running smoothly ?? 256 or should i invest a couple of bucks more
    for 512 ?

    thx in advance!!

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    Linux Guru sarumont's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    I wouldn't build a machine with less than 512MB of RAM in it. This has been my decision for about a year now. I *do* like to have surplus, but 512 is, IMHO, a minimum for any desktop "power user" or small server applications.
    "Time is an illusion. Lunchtime, doubly so."
    ~Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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    Linux Engineer
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    Jul 2003
    Stockholm, Sweden
    I agree with sarumont, 512 seems right unless you are really hard up cash wise.

    also my personal reccomendation for OS it is gentoo.. you will need a broadband connection to use it effectivly (or a lot of patience) but once it is installed and running it is probably the most stable/powerfull desktop os that there is - certainly my favourite.

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    thanks for your help guys 512 it is hehe. I heard about gentoo
    but never tried it.. Maybe i'll give it a shot, but doesn't that one take
    the most time to get up & running?


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    Linux Engineer
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    Jul 2003
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Yeah it can take a very long time however it is worth it... you can do it quickly or slowly - everything from souurce code or base system is binarys.. its up to you the src install can take several days on a slow system.. the package install can be a couple of hours or less. Gentoo is Very powerfull

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    so there u got the performance gain by compiling.. But to start, i'll
    take a more easy distro, cuz i haven't previously tried to config
    server-apps on linux. Once i get that right, i'll probably switch to

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    Oct 2001
    Täby, Sweden
    I have no server with more than 128 MBs RAM, and they're working just fine. My LAMP server has only 64 MBs (runs on a 233 MHz PII), and it has showed to slowness due to lack of RAM.

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    yes well i also agree with ---^ that gnu yak dude. Why in the heck would you need 512 MB ram for a small server, ohh no, your mail will take .5 more seconds! :P I have a LAMP server that also is my mail server and all is well with 128. Save your money for something shiny or tasty.

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    Linux Engineer Giro's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    RAM is so cheap now so why not thats the question i have RAM laying around that i cannot use i guess lots of people have. I guess you could pick up a cheap 512 stick for about £2-5 I cant give it away cause everyones using DDR.

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    i decided to use 512 after all, cuz of a few things..
    probably i will host a dedicated quake 3 server too, which
    takes quite some ram, depending on mod etc. And i'll also
    use the pc for usenet. And those programs are afaik known for
    eating ram. Anyway, the money was not the problem and i rather
    have a little bit too much. (btw board has only 1 ddr slot, that's why
    i was wondering in the first place)
    but i'm happy after all hehe


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