If you don't need the back story skip the first two paragraphs...

Ok, so I decided I was going to install linux on my storage drive and give it another swing now that they have the ntfs-3g and other things. So first things first right you prepare the disks.... Or so it should have been, i decided to mount my storage partition(which is on the same physical disk as where my linux installation would be) to get some ethernet drivers. At the time that partition was labeled /dev/sda3. Then I opened fdisk on /dev/sda, and I deleted sda1 and sda2 which i didnt need and proceed to make a boot, swap, and a root partition before my storage drive. Then i had fdisk reorder the partitions so that my sda1=boot sda2=swap sda3=root and sda4 would now be my ntfs storage drive.
This is where it gets tricky. I forgot to umount /dev/sda3(the old storage drive location) before preforming fdisk, well fdisk gave an error which i didnt see because of whatever reason, basically saying that it couldnt alter the partition table and that the kernal would use the old one until reboot. So thinking nothing was wrong i did:
mke2fs /dev/sda1
mkswap /dev/sda2
and then, I messed up...
mke2fs -j /dev/sda3

I executed the mke2fs -j command on my ntfs storage drive by accident.

Long story short I executed "mke2fs -j" on a 170g ntfs drive by complete accident. And my question is does anyone know how or if I can recover the data from the ntfs partition. I have explored the option of several partition recovery softwares but most of them work on deleted partitions no formatted in a different FS.... Also, I don't entirely understand what goes on and to what extent when you use mke2fs, which makes it more difficult for me to understand how I need to go about recovering the data. I figured that before I do somethign stupid again I should seek advice ont he subject first. Any help and one could offer would be greatly appreciated.

btw, I'm used Gentoo 2006.0 Live CD and the drive is a 250gig Seagate SATA.