Hi there

I've just installed SUSE (I've never used linux before) and tried to connect to the internet with an alcatel speedtouch. I followed the steps in this link http://www.linux-usb.org/SpeedTouch/suse/index.html .

If not, is the firmware is loading OK? Once the kernel has loaded the speedtch module the left LED should stay green while the right LED flashes eight or nine times (and then stays green).
I don't see any LEDs! So I assume the firmware isn't loading. Just in case I uncommented debug in /etc/ppp/peers/speedtch but got nothing.

Incase it's relavent:

I couldn't determine the revision of my modem for sure, but I'm pretty sure it's 4. It's fairly new and is a black speedtouch 330. I did try

grep -B 1 "THOMSON
ALCATEL" /proc/bus/usb/devices
but got no such file or directory. I can't access the usb directory despite seeing 'usb' listed as a directory when I do 'ls /proc/bus'.

Also I think not relavent at all but just mentioning it because it was another problem I had - during installation, when it came to installing packages it couldn't find any rpms. I let it go through anyway as I thought I could probably sort that out later. ?

If anyone knows what I should try now I'd be very grateful


p.s. the lsusb output shows my modem