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    serial communication

    I want to know if my serial card (on a desktop PC) is having FIFO and the size of the FIFO. Can I know about it using Linux program.

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    Not sure, but I think yout card has fifo if it is quite new. You can try using setserial program to change your uart type.

    Setserial man page says:
    "uart uart_type
    This option is used to set the UART type. The per-
    mitted types are none, 8250, 16450, 16550, and
    16550A. Since the 8250 and 16450 UARTS do not have
    FIFO's, and since the original 16550 have bugs
    which make the FIFO's unusable, the FIFO will only
    be used on chips identifiied as 16550A UARTs. Set-
    ting the UART type to 8250, 16450, or 16550 will
    enable the serial port without trying to use the
    FIFO. Using UART type none will disable the port."

    So you can use fifo if your card is new enough to support 16550A. I think size of the fifo is defined by os. There is something about that here:


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    uart fifo

    Thanks hcz,

    I tried the following;
    serialport /dev/ttyS0 -a

    This gave me a good info on the kind of UART present on my PC and also gave the name as 16550A - which implies that it has a 16 byte FIFO.



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