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Thread: macro keys

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    macro keys

    Hey everyone

    I'm running suse 10.1 under Gnome. I'm currently looking at this keyboard (logitech g11) and am wondering if it is possible to make the macro keys work.

    All I'm really after is binding them to a series keystrokes, or commands. (more likely the latter) I have no idea what this thing sends to the computer for those extra keys, or if binding them to anything is even possible, but I'm hoping it is. Does anyone have a keyboard with a similar feature and know if it's possible, and what's involved?


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    Wow, that's a lot of extra keys. You can get them all working (at least doing something), but I'm not sure there's a really easy way to do it. I posted in this thread about the method I used for the few extra keys I have on my laptop and my desktop multimedia keybooard, and the instructions I put in there are pretty reliable. But they're just a bit time-consuming.

    You can try a forum search for "multimedia keyboard" and look at the other posts on the subject. It might also be worth you while to search the Web for the keyboard's model name and "x keycodes" or just "keycodes" in case someone has defined the keycodes for that keyboard already. I've never done keyboard setup that way, so you'd have to see if you can find good instructions on how to use the keycodes if you find them.
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