I've been working this one for a week now.

I have Mandrake 10.0 run level 3 on a P100 (?!) printer/firewall server with Samba and CUPS. I've followed the recipes in www.linuxprinting.org regarding smb.conf and cups.conf but I get a hiccup...
When printing to a Canon MP370 (USB) from a the server, the firewall accepts, smb does it's thing and cups sends to the printer. Then *poof* the file stops. The cups error_log gives 'Media Tray Empty'. (No, the tray isn't empty)

If I hook the printer directly to a run level 5 client, Mandrake/KDE automagically configures but the prints are only 1/2 scale corrected to the top-left corner. This tells me that the printer *should* print if I can only figure this out!

I'm thinking it's the ppd file (I couldn't find one for the MP370 so I'm using the one suggested for a MP360) but I'm unsure.

Any advice out there? (I've already heard the 'get an HP' advice :o)