I've got a brand new screaming little laptop and I'm trying to backup the existing partitions using 'partimage' on the Linux System Rescue CD. This is the first step towards repartitioning and installing suse 10.1 x64. For some reason, the disk is not available. It's not listed in 'partimage' or 'qtparted'. I can't mount the disk, it tells me that it does not exist. I'm not sure if it's on /dev/hda or /dev/sda. I've tried both though (yes hda1,2,3 and sda1,2,3).

Does anyone know how I can find my disk from within linux? And why it might not be showing up?

HP Pavilion dv6000z
AMD Turion(64) x2 TL-60 2GHz
120GB SATA disk
3 existing partitions:
C: NTFS (XP root)
D: FAT32 (System recovery partition)
?: NTFS (Unknown partition used for HP QuickPlay)