Hi mates. I am not sure if this is 100% the correct place to ask for this,
but I hope not to bother anyone...
I am thinking about buying a new laptop, since the one I have is really
This old PC has something I hate: The screen is made of LCD
which has the problem that everything reflects on it, so sometimes it's
quite annoying, especially when some things of a game are drawn in
dark colors, since I see the room reflected and not the things in the game.

I came today from a PC shop and saw some laptops which didn't
reflect anything (which what I want), and I read that screens are
made of TFT.

The problem is that I am reading a PCs specs and it says:
13'3 liquid crystal WXGA 1280x800 TFT color
Actually, what is the kind of screen, TFT or LCD?
Perhaps is it WXGA?This last kind, is similar to TFT?

If somebody could explain the meaning of that specs to me, I will really appreciate it.

Thanks, mates.