With some great help from fellow members, I'm finally able to write DVD-Rs using mkisofs. The problem I'm running up against, while the discs read wonderfully in Linux (Ubuntu Dapper), is that a separate WinXP (SP2) machine on the network can't read the discs at all (does not identify the discs, even to mention the possibility that they are an incompatible format.)

Does anyone have any advice? Do I need to include any special switch when I create the .ISO to make the disc universally ('scoff') readable? The writer is a Sony DRU530-A, and I'm burning using Sony DVD-R discs. The drive that cannot read the discs is a TSSTcorp CDRW/DVD TSL462C (installed with an Inspiron 9300).

I realize that this is likely more related to a WinXP solution, so please pardon me if this is off relevance for this site. In any case, I'm apparently Googling all the wrong places, so any suggestions made here are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!