Problem: Linux redraws windows very slowly in my pc. When I move a window rapidly the CPU usage explodes. If I do this while listening music the song will sound choppy (like listening a CD in a Jeep)

My machine:

AMD Duron 1200+ Spitfire (900 MHz)
Video adapter: SiS 630/730 series

I had the same problem with the following distros:

Red Hat 9.0, Mandrake 10, Mandrake 10.1, Ubuntu 6.06.1, Gentoo 2006.1, VectorLinux 5.1.1 and SUSE 10.1 (and FreeBSD 6.1)

The video adapter is always installed correctly by the OS, and with SUSE (my current distro) I can even enable 3D acceleration.

I know is not the best pc out there, but I don't have this problem with Windows XP.

Here are some snaps taken from VectorLinux (which is supposed to be a light distro)

Moving a window

Any way to fix this without doing some serious hacking like recompiling the kernel?