Samsung ml1210 (monochrome laser) on USB port using CUPS 1.1.18

I can print fine through kde applications such as Kwrite, Koffice apps, Konqueror etc. I can also print fine from Adobe Acrobat and 1.1.0 applications. But if I go into the KDE control center --> Peripherals --> Printer and print a test page nothing comes out. Also if I print from Mozilla, Firefox or Thunderbird nothing comes out.

I have tried to print from Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird with the standard printer command (lpr –P……), I have also tried kprinter, kprinter –stdin, llpr –P……… but all have the same result (no print out, no error message)

/var/logs/cups/error_log shows an error status 3 = ‘Media Tray Empty’

Sometimes I get an error with regards to Postscript filter not being present and sometime about Postscript fonts.

I am very confused.

PS. It all worked fine before upgrading from KDE 3.1 to KDE 3.2

Please help!!!