Hi Everybody

I am thinking of setting up my very old PC with Linux so that I can use it as a web/email server for my website.

Firstly, my Preference is to use FreeBSD (I know - not Linux) or Slackware. I have chose these platforms because I have friends who use these distros and they will provide me with a fair amount of help.

I really don't want to have a GUI as I already understand how to use UNIX and would prefer to run it in a command line anyway.

I have to access my home network via a Xircom CreditCard ethernet adaptor (PCMCIA) and am wondering if this card is supported in any versions of linux.

As I am a Mac user I hate windows and the sooner I can get that S&^%T off my laptop the better!!!

Also it is a _bit_ broken so I have to remove the hard drive and physically plug it in via a USB adaptor when I want to get data on or off. Is there a way to install Linux like this?

Thankyou in advance,