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    Have you made any more progress Shasta? I've been having some similar problems.

    1. I tried to update my Fedora Core 5 kernel by typing yum update kernel. But the new kernel doesn't boot properly: there's the usual text screens as Linux starts up ('press I to boot in interactive mode' etc) but then as soon as the GUI loads, I just get a blank screen with a 'X' crosshair mouse pointer. I can move the crosshair around but nothing else happens. CTRL-ALT-DEL has no effect -- I have to press the hard reset switch.

    So I'm worse-off than I was to begin with: now, to boot Linux, I have to interrupt the normal boot process and manually select my old kernel from the menu, or else it defaults to loading the new, broken kernel.

    2. I have no idea what to do to get wifi to work. I've installed madwifi as per antidrugue's instructions, which seemed to run without errors, but the 'ath0' device doesn't appear to have been created. I have no idea what to do next. If I run modprobe ath_pci or modprobe ath0 it says 'module not found'. Somebody suggested running modprobe -l, but that outputs a huge list, and I can't see anything to do with my Atheros wifi listed.

    I'm a fairly experienced Windows user but a Linux newbie, and this is proving very hard work! I have yet to find a HOWTO on the internet where I can get past the first or second step...

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    Hello Liquideyes,

    Actually I have been doing so many changes to my system that I decided to install uBuntu and it automatically detected my wifi card and got it working with WEP. But I am still going to try the WPA. I found uBuntu to be more to my liking over the Fedora version.

    But have since wiped my entire drive as I am in the middle of working on a project for work to secure XP machines with the XP Security Toolkit for Shared Computers. Once I am able to get back to Linux I will post back.

    Good luck.

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