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    My ADSL USB POTS Modem doesnt work on Redhat 8

    Please my modem is only recognized as "dynamite" something modem and it doesn't work. can anyone help me?!?!

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    we need a bit more information than what you've given us... what kind of modem is it... what have you tried to get it working... what kernel version are you using? etc., etc.
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    i dont know what type of kernel it is i just downloaded linux RED HAT 8 from some ftp server.
    this is my modem Octal A360
    i tried to install it with the network config and the hardware config but
    linux only recognizes it as beeing a USB DYNAMITE modem and they are not compatible.

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    Hi there scud you from Sunny South Africa ?

    I to have had trouble with "Adsl USB pots" and trying to get it working on Xandros but I gave up ....linux isnt anything friendly.....

    Telkom doesnt support the modem together with linux .......Please prove me wrong !

    Laterz T

    Durban ,South Africa

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    Well untill a few days ago I thought the same...
    But then I found this forum saying that there is or was a driver for DynaMite A360.
    I have this Modem as well and unfortunatlly have the same problem.
    I did look for that driver but had no luck...
    I also emailed Dynamode and had no luck either....

    I found that on this url:[/url]

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    I have just recieved an Email from DynaMode saying they will send me the drivers soon....
    When/If they will send me the drivers I will share them with you...

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