Hi All,

I just got an external case for my HD. I'm able to mount the disk and everything is fine except that I cannot get it to automount at boot.

I've added the following line in fstab:
/dev/sda1 /storage ext3 noauto,user,rw 0 0
The reason I had to add "noauto" is that the USB mass storage drivers is loaded AFTER the system process fstab and try to mount the disk. Without "noauto" the system hangs at boot.

So, my question is. How do I get it to automatically mount at boot?

I had some idea about a script at a selected boot level but unfortunatly I don't know where/how to create that.

PS. The system is used as a web/file/ server and the drive is hold all my shared data. I rarely access it thru SSH and that's why I need it to automount.

I think I'm going nuts about this simple thing!

Thanks in advance!