And here's what I got so far:

So, since I'm running a open source computer (Ubuntu), Sandisk will have nothing to do with supporting it - except the USB option, which I did switch to, so my MP3 player is recognized as a mass medium storage flash drive instead.

I put in a bunch of songs, get it off the USB cord, listen, and start shuffling through songs... Well, none of them are in consecutive order. EVERY song is out of place.

I download Cowbell, thinking it's a meta-tag problem, and make sure all my music has the correct information on them - and they do.

So I call there customer service. Basically what I got from them is that if I put all my music on there through the USB mode I switched to, nothing will be in order. Because they are pricks. They didn't give a specific reason why.

There has to be something I can do. Someone else must have already had this problem and found a solution. Please, for the love of GOD, I just want to listen through an album of music, in there rightful order! Please please PLEASE help.

Info if you need it: It's a e200 series, and I am running Ubuntu.