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    USB/FireWire Help

    I am a newbie to Linux.
    Was talked into using it by a few of my colleagues.

    Anywho, I am beginng to learn the extreme basics to Linux. Essentially I am trying to use Linux for what I would have normally used Windows for which is essentially watching my DIVX and XVID movies. If I can get that far, then I have learned how to do something.

    My problem is this:

    I am running Fedora Core 1. The install went normally and I learned how to mount and unmount devices.

    I am able to mount my Lexar 256mb USB flash drive without an issue.

    But when I attempt to connect either my Buslink 80gb External USB HDD or Simpletech 30gb USB External HDD, the entire system locks up and freezes when connected to the any of the USB ports and I cannot do anything except turn off the unit entirely and startup all over again.

    I cannot even get my firewire to work yet. Have no idea how. At least withfirewire the system is still functional, just that the devices seem to not be recognized or useable.

    Other than this, thus far, Linus is running well.

    I need this to work as these drives contain my music and movie files, which would make my using Linux worthwhile.

    As of now I continue to use WinBlows as my backdrop until I can hopefully sort out these issues.

    Possibly a driver isue tht needs to be changed??


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    you may want to check your kernel config to make sure that the necessary drivers for the USB mass storage,firewire, and hardware specific stuff is there... if you need help with how to recompile the kernel, just ask.. many of us here know how to do it and there is also a howto on the forums IIRC...
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    What EXACTLY am I supposed to be looking for?

    What exactly am I supposed to be looking for cause I have no idea.

    Is there something i may need to change or something?

    I know nothing about linux and I am frustrated yes but I have been using it only 2 days. I refuse to give up.

    But please bear with me because I know extremely little (basically how to login and go online) and thats it.

    Please help.


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