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    Exclamation Serious Hardware Issues

    Recently, I've been running into some major issues with my hardware. What's been happening is that while running either SuSE 10.1 w/KDE (which I'd been using for months without an issue) or Ubuntu 6.10 w/Gnome (on a separate hard drive), X will lock up and freeze the system. Then, when I try to reboot, it will usually load the kernel fine, but hang when it gets to starting the x server.

    I had the Win Vista beta on a spare drive, so I booted that up, I'd installed it a couple of months ago to check out and didn't use it for more than a couple hours. But when I did run vista originally, it had no problems with the video driver, but when I tried it out a couple of days ago there were issues with the video driver.

    I've tried some live discs, and until this morning, they seemed to be ok (DSL, Geeks Box, and Ubuntu 6.10). Last night, after loading Ubuntu on a spare drive and trying to run some updates, it froze up and wouldn't even boot the live cd. I've run memtest, for 24 hours, and no issues. And, when I ran Geeks Box, I was able to watch a couple of dvd's without interruption.

    So, to restate, I'll be running a system off the hard drive, it locks up, and I can't boot the system afterwords. I've run memtest, no problems there. Live cd's have been working - until this morning. I'm thinking it's a power supply, but since some of the problems are x/video (ATI Radeo 9000) card related, I'm wondering if it's that.

    Are there any other utilities I could try using, from rescue mode (which has been working) to test out possible issues? Any opinions on the hardware?

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    It could be an overheating video card. If you know what you're doing, it's not a particularly big task to remove the video card and clean all the dust and crud off it (paying particular attention to the cooling fan) with a very soft paintbrush and put it back.
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    Yea, pulling the whole thing apart and dusting it is on the list of things to do for the weekend, hopefully it will help.


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