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    What Graphics Card Should I Purchase?

    I need to purchase a new PC and I'm worried about the graphics/display support
    for Linux. *

    1. I plan to buy a (probably Dell?) PC and install Linux (probably SuSE 9.0) as a dual-boot system.
    2. I want to buy a 19" LCD flat panel and connect via DVI (not analog) for quality reasons. *(This requires a graphics card but I don't necessarily care about 3D graphics as much as 2D.)
    3. I'd like to use an LCD panel that physically rotates (portrait/landscape) and have this work properly in both OS's. *(I'm told this requires special support by the graphics card and software.)

    I've seen some web info that makes me think that getting this to work may be difficult. *But maybe if I choose the right combination of hardware/software
    it will give me a much better chance. *Which graphics card and software? I'm looking for any help or advice.

    Example of things I've heard/seen:

    a. Nvidia 5200FX (and many other graphics cards) have DVI interfaces that are non-compliant (electrically). *They especially tend to cause problems (lock-up etc) for long cable lengths and LCD displays with more than 1280x1024.

    b. Nvidia has "NVRotate" software support but apparently not for Linux.
    c. Dell has a proprietary download for the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro that supports rotate but I think this is only for Windows.
    d. "Pivotpro" software is only for Windows.

    Am I the only person that wants this kind of a setup? *Does anyone have a proven configuration?

    Any thoughts? Pointers? *


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    I never keep up with the hardware untill the point where I have to buy it, but I suggest you do your research on TomsHardware, they usually have all the benchmarks and reviews, etc..

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    linux format

    Linux format build the "ultimate linux box" this month and that included a rotatable flatscreen. they said they wanted to see if it could be configured (failed to tell us whether they succeeded or not). The graphics card they chose to go with it was the Gigabyte GeForce FX 5950 Ultra which uses an NVidia chipset - but it does cost 275 ex VAT.

    Have you googled for "Linux YOUR MONITOR NAME" to see if anyone else has done this yet?
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    Why not build your own PC ? Much more fun
    I've build all my computer myself... And know what's in them
    Comes in quite handy when making a custom kernel compile ....

    You would suggest as a videocard based on a nvidia chipset.
    I saw that the new Asus with the NV4 chipset has been released.
    If you want a very highperformance gaming system
    At a price though... check : for more info ... or
    About that nvrotate.. don't need it... Using a 22'' Illyama 501 Visionmaster Pro, so no need for that... (Oh its based on the sony trinitron)

    oh, and Dell has a very BAD reputation here in the Netherlands.
    We don't say easy as dell, but bad as dell, and more colourfull metafors....
    So I would suggest to take a look at more hardware suppliers.

    But in the end; the choice is yours...
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    nvida is suppose to offer much better installation and linux support than ati however on a "ultimate gaming machine" running windows ati is much better but ethier way anything over the radeo 9200 or nvida ti line or 5200 will create fine graphics for counter strike, acully a freid was able to ply cs on a integrated 9200 chipset with 64mg

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