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    RedHat 9.0 - cannot add disk/filesystem

    i am rather new to linux, but have some direction as to where i am going, and the wear with all to learn OS logic all over or for the first time, if you see it that way.

    so here is the hard part.

    PII 350
    128 Megs o' RAM
    2 Hard Disks
    RedHat Linux 9.0

    i have done the entire process of creating a filesystem on a second IDE disk, and to no avail. first and foremost, bios throws an error that secondary disk 1 is not being recognized. this didnt concern me, because it also said that primary disk 0 wasnt found either and the machine booted. i have bios set to auto detect the drives and still the error shows.

    i have attempted to create the filesystem through webmin, and it recognized the number, type, extent, start sector and end sector. it even took a description of the filesystem. but /etc/fstab has no entry and webmin lists it as not in use under status. also the used% and free% are not populated, like it wasnt formatted or something.

    i manually tried to create the filesystem using the following routine

    umount /dev/hdb"${X}" - to unmount any hdb filesystems
    mkfs.ext3 /dev/hdb - to create one single filesystem on the disk
    vi /etc/fstab - to check that the partition init was created, which it wasnt
    mount -a - mount any and all disks

    all of the stuff that was going on completed without fail, and fstab has no entry for /dev/hdb1 so i put one into it.

    /dev/hdb1 /data ext3 defaults 0 0

    then mount -a said that /data did not exist.

    if anyone has input as to what i am missing or doing wrong in my process here, i would appreciate hearing from you.

    thanks to all

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    I have a tutorial on this on my website. Well my under construction site anyway.

    most of the other links aren't working but goto

    now choose knowledge / tutorials / linux / new hard disk from the tree menu.

    let me know if it helps. It takes you right through adding a new harddisk.


    No trees were harmed during the creation of this message. Its made from a blend of elephant tusk and dolphin meat.

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    right on. i cant esplain why, but it does work now. thanks again.


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