Sup all, im currently trying to install touchpad drivers for my laptop. This involves installing tpconfig .

The installation instructions seem a little over my head at this point :

After compiling the source there are two steps both of which i am unfamiliar with how to complete.

1. Install the kernel patch and reinstall your kernel (if you want the
ability to run tpconfig under X or when gpm is running).

I am not sure how to re-install the kernel, and it sounds a little dangerous. I am currently reading the kernel rebuild guide, but want to make sure this is a necessary step and maybe get a couple pointers from you guys on it.

2. Then invoke /usr/local/bin/tpconfig from the startup script 'touchpad'
before gpm and/or X Windows are started. Also can be run in
single-user mode.

Im not familiar with the structure of startup scripts and dont exactly understand what this direction is telling me to modify; a script called 'touchpad' or a startup script that invokes touchpad?

Lemme know whats up & thnx in advance !