My setup:
MacOSX has a Canon PIXMA ip4300 shared to network
Debian 4.0 has autodetected and successfully setup this printer through cups.

I don't have the duplex printing. Everything else seems to be working fine, but the duplex printing is something I'd VERY much like to have active since many of the things I print will need to be front/back.

That's the biggy.

Also I'd like to know what's up with printing to OSX/Linux from WinXP. The printer will show up (this is any printer, I also have an HP 882c that has this problem) and I can install the drivers, and the printer is shown as available, etc... but when I send it a print job windows apparently gets the idea that the print job is complete but nothing ever printed. Thinking it was something wrong with the Samba printing setup I've tested it with both the OSX and Linux boxes and it works fine through Samba, in fact I use Samba share for printing to a printer that's on a dual boot Lin/XP system (this way I don't have the configure the same printer twice). So, if I can print to XP using user share level, why can't I print from it? I don't really have much need to print from Windows, but it'd be nice to. Not to mention this puzzle is starting to get to me.