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    BIOs is disabled - not able to get in BIOS


    Im trying to install fedora core on a old pentium III based workstation(fiori e 810). It doesnt boot from the cd (tried many different ones) and I know the cd drive works (SCSI cd drive).

    It starts booting and tells me "press tab to enter set up", i press tab (tried del and f2 too) and then tells me press F1 or F11 then it takes me to a screen where it says BIOS is disabled and reboot itself!!!

    I have tryied many things, different hdd, leave teh system to the minimun conf, next Im gonna try a ide cd drive but I still dont understand why i cannot acces in BIOS.

    I have an SCSI controller and an IDE controller, drives are IDE not SCSI, cd drive is SCSI.

    Can the BIOS be disabled??!!! how will a system boot if so???!!! Could it be anything to do with the scsi drive or the scsi card???? First time in my life ive seen sth like that...

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    you might try reseting the bios. Most computers have some sort of thing on the motherboard
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    on most motherboards there is a jp14 that is used to reset the bios.
    See if that helps

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    Hi, thanx for your suggestions

    I have actually tried the jumper, you mean the jumper by the battery, dont you? Yes, I tried that, forgot to post that one. It didnt help.

    Now, after reseaching I'm starting thinking that the BIOS got corrupted and I should actually do a kind of recovery I guess. Could it be that? How can I do it if I cannot find any info of the board on the net? Any tools available? or does that depend on the board and the chipset?

    i might need to reseach more for sure, there should be sth on the net about that workstation!!!!

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    if someone tried to reset with pc running that could corupt the BIOS

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    If the BIOs was corrupted I don't think it'd be polite enough to give you a BIOs is disabled warning. Would the BIOs reset itself if you drained it of power? Took the battery off the MOBO or would that just render it nothing more than a dusty paperweight?
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