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    Detecting hard drive after boot

    I am using Ubuntu 6.10 and wish to setup a 2nd SATA hard drive that can be powered on/off after booting the system. The drive will boot just fine as /dev/sdb if powered on at boot time. I am having trouble getting linux to recognize the drive if I power it on after boot. I thought the hdparm -R utility would work or even the contrib/idectl script in the hdparm doc directory. These seems to rely on the file /dev/sdb to exist which does not if I boot the computer with the drive turned off. It seems like there should be a simple way to do this but I have been spending hours with no success. I also plan to setup some IDE drives like this but for now am just trying to get this 2nd SATA drive to work.

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    Do you have the SCSI tools installed, if so do they see the drive after you power it up?

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    scsi tools

    Not sure what you mean by SCSI tools. After powering on the drive nothing changes in /dev. dmesg gives the following activity

    nv_sata: Secondary device added
    nv_sata: Secondary device removed
    nv_sata: Secondary device added
    nv_sata: Secondary device removed

    few pages of this. /proc/scsi/scsi lists only my primary SATA drive which I booted from.


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