i have a intel celeron D processor with a mercury PI845GLM motherboard 1 gb of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce MX4000 graphics card . it works fine with windows. but i have been trying to install dual operating systems .
ALL Linux distributions SUSE , RedHat , Fedora Core , Ubuntu , Phoenix , Mandrive have failed to even boot up properly with the graphics card enabled . ALL of them create KERNEL PANICKS even while booting form he installation disks . a few distros give a "respawning too fast error" also.
plus in the bios settings to turn the video to the graphics card the bios says pci slot when the motherboard only has an 8x agp slot.
recently i tried the same graphics card on another system with another mercury motherboard and it worked fine under all linux distributions.
i also tried a GeForce FX5500 on my 845GLM motherboard and the same problems existed.
in the end the problem is not with the garphic cards since the fx5500 also dint work on my motherboard and my Mx4000 worked fine on my friends slightly newer Mercury motherboard .
i badly need some help as i want dual operating system configuration to work fine with the Graphics adapter