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    Question EDIT [was incomplete post!]: Building linux box-Please review/suggest hardware plans

    NOTE: I posted this in an incomplete form earlier without realizing it. Sorry about that!

    My hand-me-down computer is dying and I am going to build a replacement. I'd like any suggestions you might have regardint hardware, starting with reviewing my current plan. I've never been a hardware geek so this is just what I've thrown together after a few days of reading what I could find on forums and such.

    - QUIET
    - Reasonably fast for what I do: lots of GIMP and other photo work, rest is just normal web browsing, email, documents, etc. no gaming or need to spiffy 3D stuff. I'd like to not have to wait so long for all the thumbnails to show when browsing directories with hundreds of images, would like it to boot quickly, manipulate images quickly, open apps quickly, process photos for printing quickly, etc.
    - Ability to use the components over the years, upgrading various ones as needed
    - Run KDE, currently kubuntu 6.10 but I have not necessarily settled on a final distro. All HW needs to play well with linux.
    - $600 or less
    - Noticeably faster than what I have now (as well as not freezing due to faulty motherboard!)... 1.9 GHz P4, 512 RAM

    Here's what I've come up with so far (prices at frys, since it is just down the street):

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M55plus-S3G NVIDIA GeForce 6100 + nForce 430
    Socket AM2 ATX $89.00

    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3800+ Socket AM2

    RAM: PQI DDR2 1GB PC2-5400 667MHz 240-Pin, CAS 4-4-4-12 Single module (PQI25400-1GSB) $114.99

    Power Supply: Antec Neo HE 380w $65.00

    CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Mini Typhoon 775/K8 Cooler $39.99

    HDD: Western Digital's drives seem to be quiet, based on posts online.

    My reasoning...
    AMD AM2 for balance of linux compatibility, power, cost and compatibility with future upgrades, Gigabyte mobo based on gut feeling after reading lots but not absorbing enough - got decent reviews on NewEgg.
    CPU: Not sure, but I think I don't need more than this and it is one of the cheaper Socket AM2 CPUs available.
    RAM: Just based on reviews - probably will get whatever is on sale that doesn't have "suck" written all over it (if I can tell)
    Power Supply: This is based purely on noise and cost, hoping to find a quiet one without paying much more - Any suggestions???
    CPU cooler: this is also just a guess... I gather I don't need much cooling with the above CPU compared to what is out there now so am really going on noise and price
    HDD: Really don't know yet.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions at all, including specific products, URLs for good info, detailed rants about why this or that listed above actually sucks...

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    Linux Newbie jweekley1's Avatar
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    Check for some inexpensive parts since you are on kindof a tight budget.

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    Thanks - I will do that.

    I'd also like suggestions regarding cheaper cases. I really don't go for the flashy cases with lights and such... quiet is much more important and I actually don't like bright LEDs distracting me. Quiet and boring is ideal

    I guess most of all, in addition to input regarding finding cheap and quiet (have I mentioned quiet? I like quiet. very quiet!) I'd like to know if that CPU is enough, if that motherboard is ok or known to have problems with linux, or really anything else you can add.

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    I have found some nice cases from for around 30-40 dollars. If your looking for quiet remember to get a fan with ball bearings. Then when you install it give a squirt of wd and you'll never know its running.

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