I'm in the process of building a decent gaming computer that can handle linux and windows. I have a pretty low budget, so to fit my needs best I decided on the following CPU/MB combination:
CPU:AMD Athlon 64 3800+/2.4GHz Socket 939 2000MHz
Motherboard: ASUS A8R-MVP

One problem, AMD is desperately trying to phaze out socket939 as quickly as possible. This means that if i do buy them, and for whatever reason, I decide to upgrade my processor, Ill most probably have to build a wholly new computer from scratch. I'm just wondering if I'm being anxious for no reason; will this computer handle, let's say, the next 2 years worth of linux and windows games (ignore the gfx card issue for now)? And does anyone have any idea if AMD will completely stop producing 939 processors within the next 3-4 years? (i know it's hard to predict, but any recommendations would be highly appreciated). Oh, and if you think I'm making a bad decision by buying into this, advice and guidance would be great too

Thanks in advance